Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Matilda Dobro

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Kaikai Kiki Co.

(from the Kaikai Kiki Co. website)

Kaikai Kiki Co was founded by Takashi Murakami in 2001, and evolved from its predecessor, the Hiropon Factory, which was founded in 1996.
Its goals as an enterprise include the production and promotion of artwork, the management and support of select young artists, general management of events and projects, and the production and promotion of merchandise.

Kaikai Kiki employs roughly 50 people in its Tokyo headquarters and 20 people in its New York office and studio.

Besides Takashi Murakami, Kaikai Kiki represents selected young artists Chiho Aoshima, Mr., Aya Takano, Chinatsu Ban, Mahomi Kunikata, and Rei Sato.

By organizing world-class exhibitions and projects, handling public relations and artist's biographies, and offering Murakami’s personal feedback on work in progress, Kaikai Kiki is dedicated to the growth of these emerging artists.

Opposed to Pain

An image from the Antikamnia (Opposed to Pain)Chemical Company of St. Louis, Missouri calendar (more here) for 1900. The dates also match 2007.